Offering Live Online and In-Person Training for MSHA Surface Certification

JDF Consulting offers MSHA New Miner, Annual Refresher, and Experienced Miner classes for Part 48 and Part 46 surface mining.

There are many careers that require access to mining sites. To access these sites, you'll need an up-to-date MSHA certification. If you need this certification fast and for an affordable price, you should take the classes offered by JDF Consulting. We provide two MSHA-compliant classes - one that is a refresher, and one designed for new miners.

Improve your career with the help of our fantastic courses. Call 218-348-7625 today to get started with your MSHA certification today.

This won't be a boring class

We get it - MSHA training is important, but it's usually thought of as boring or repetitive. The good news is, we know that. When you come to our MSHA certification classes, you'll be receiving an interactive education that's upbeat and high-energy. We pride ourselves on putting a new twist to a traditional topic while ensuring you've mastered everything you need for certification.